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Save Gold

“Gold is money. Despite what policy makers and economist would have you believe. Gold will remain as a store of wealth par excellence, and continue to play an integral role in the world’s monetary system. Gold is still poised in the reserves of the International Monetary System and will be even more important in the years to come.” ~ Jim Rickards ~ New Case For Gold.

Fiat Currency

In 1971, President Richard Nixon, took the U.S., off the Gold Standard, Declaring The Dollar Fiat. which means:to decree it to be so. Therefore, the only value it has is the faith man puts in it. ‘Quantitative Easing’ of the dollar, is the cause of inflation and the results are a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of the dollar.


Cryptocurrencies are the blockchain applications and include digital peer to peer payment systems, crowd sales, facilitation, implementation pf predictions markets and generic tools for governance. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, *Dash, Zcash, Monero, Ethereum Etc.

Save Silver

In the 1920’s an ounce of silver was 0.67 and you could buy a meal, Today what could you buy for 0.67. Today an ounce of silver is $17.00, and you can still buy a decent meal any where in the world. Silver has intrinsic value just like Gold and will never lose its value.

BlockChain Technology

A Blockchain is a peer to peer systems with no central authority managing data flow with a large distributed network of independent users. These “full nodes” computers are located in more than one specific location. Each Blockchain, is made up of blocks, which each holds a valid transaction. Each of the blocks will include a hash of the block before it and this is what links the two together.


Decentralization cuts out the risk of data being hacked, because the network does not have centralized points that are vulnerable as in centralized networks. Encryption Technology is based on private and public keys. The public key is a long string of numbers generated randomly and this is the blockchain address of the user. The transaction that goes across the network is recorded on that key. Private key is like a password and is what allows the owner access to their digital assets. If you store data on the blockchain it cannot be corrupted but you will need to take extra measures. Create a paper wallet and print your private key to safeguard it by placing it in a safe place.

Gold Is Not Paper, But Rather Insurance

“Wallstreet Sponsors, U.S, banks and other members of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) have created enormous volumes of “Gold products” that are not gold. These are paper contracts.” ~ Jim Rickards. (The New Case For Gold).

Gold Is Insurance: Protection for our money; while there will be some that wish to build walls, discriminate and break diplomatic ties with foreign allies. There are those who build bridges in an effort for all human kind globally to have a piece of the pie. The opportunity is here for you: Gold Silver and Cryptocurrency. You only have to choose which one will benefit and is the best fit for your family.

We have now entered into the Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Space. The BitCoin, is referred to as Gold 2.0, because it has a digital value, which can truly improve and grow your finances, when Gold and Silver, is used to secure its profit; you will not risk huge losses, due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

The Entire World Is Experiencing “The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History” Our Present Global Currency, The Dollar – Which is Fiat and Means: “To Decree It To Be So,” Is Backed Only By The Faith We Put In It, Is Losing Its Purchasing Power. The Dollar Has Lost 98% of It’s Value. When The Dollar Finally Falls To Zero. Everything That Is Attached To It, Will Fall Right Along With It.

This is Why, It Is Very Important For You And Your Family To Seriously Begin Looking For Alternative Ways To Protect Your Finances & This is Where We Come In. We Offer Various Ways To Insure, Grow And Protect Your Hard Earned Money For Generations To Come.

*Disclaimer: (Ja’Nala’s Generational Wealth LLC., Are Not Licensed Financial Experts of Any Kind).