About us

Ja’Nala’s Generational Wealth, knows that earning passive – residual income daily, weekly and monthly through acquiring appreciating assets, is the bullet that keeps *INFLATION* at bay. Gold can be held for generations, and if needed at any time an emergency should arise; it can be liquidated. You can trust that the “Chain of Integrity” is in full effect and that your Gold is 999.9 pure.  

 Diversifying your financial portfolio to include physical Gold is maybe one of the most important moves you can make in today’s tumultuous economic times. From the coronavirus, to rebelliant presidents, wars, and rumours of war  inflation will only get worse and you will want to know that the money you have is growing without having to pay interest. 

“Diversifying Your Financial Portfolio, Is What Smart People Do.”

Multiple Streams Of Income, Within One Company

A New Direction… Takes vision and new ways of thinking.


Save Gold * Trade Manually * Or Use Our Robotic Auto Traders * Increase Your Knowledge: Through FreeBay’s Lifelong Learning Academy.

Our Mission: To help families globally understand that by having a home based business, which gives tax advantages of the rich; will increase and protect their finances from inflation due to the falling dollar. By adopting the mindset of Paying Themselves First, by saving 999.9 24K pure, LBMA Gold; put them in a position of protecting their finances from loss due to inflation; while earning a residual and passive income, and creating financial stability for generations to come.

Ja’Nala’s Generational Wealth LLC, wealth acquisition’s  journey began six years ago when introduced to KARATBARS International. I began to learn what the rich had known for years, and that was to “Pay Yourself First,” no matter who else you may have owed money to; this may sound self-defeating. However, what I have come to know through practicing this mindset, is that just like bills come due every month. I too am a bill that needs to get paid, and which deserves to be placed at the top of my list of obligations. WHY? I would have to wake up at 4:30 am to go to work, purchase gas to last a full work week, driving 23 miles round trip. I had to maintain a professional appearance, and therefore my wardrobe cost around $200 a month, not to mention the grooming necessities: hair, nails and makeup etc. As an employee I never was reimbursed on any of these expenses and still had household bills and two childre n to care for. 

I learned that “Paying Myself First” must be with an appreciating asset such as Gold for financial insurance, and which protects against risk and loss.

Ja’Nala’s Generational Wealth helps people understand that by paying themselves first they are on the winning side when saving gold.  We know how important it is to have a hedge of protection in place against any loss that may occur with investing: low, mid or high risk. 

Do you like recruiting and have a real knack for sales, engaging others and sharing information? FreeBay’s product line inspires the imagination to Dream BIG, and see those dreams manifest in the now. We believe that when you approach anything, no matter what it is you are seeking. When you have eyes of vision, a mind that can focus, and a heart that perseveres; then there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

Our company FreeBay, has benefits that compliment having a home-based business. The tax-deductible income-producing assets are:    several business packages:  EVO Packages – Ranging in five categories and three levels of compensations: Sapphire, Emerald, Star Ruby, and Star Diamond to choose from. What is really going to blow you away is the fact; that you don’t have to purchase a package to earn income. Just by your working the business for yourself you can earn in the unilevel position, then as you share with others the business and they being movers and shakers will fulfill their dreams as well.

If this sounds like something you would like to have more information about stay plugged into our site and we will keep you updated with the latest news to help you in making your decision on how to build and grow your business. When you join our team: Wealth Builders Worldwide, you will know that you are not in business for yourself but not by yourself. We have mentors to contact and webinars you can view 24/7.  

I would like to thank you for visiting our website and allowing us to share with you our vision. I sincerely wish everyone a lucrative and happy financially independent lifestyle for the many years to come and have a marvelous safe, productive and prosperous existence.

Ja’Nala’s Generational Wealth LLC., Is Proud To Have Partnered, with FREEBAY International and now FreeBay.

Diversify Your Financial Portfolio And Create Sustainable Wealth For Generations to Come.  Make sure to visit the ‘Live Events’ page for FreeBay’s Official Launch.   Please stay abreast of the latest and greatest news keeping you informed.