Simple Truths

Success can only come from developing the habit of doing several small, simple actions every day. Each action is independent, yet in the grand scheme of things these tasks are very well connected for the purpose in which they were designed. “The simple truths are the leaves, and you are the stem.” Therefore, you must give yourself time to succeed, measure it with a solid eight weeks to form a strong foundation and by doing the task will become a pleasant accomplishment. One by which you look forward to performing and witnessing your mental or physical growth, and as Admiral William, spoke: “Change the world by first making your bed; a small and simple task.”

Success Cannot Be Rushed:

Remember in the story “The Tortoise and the Hare.” The Hare, made fun of the Tortoise’s slowness and tiny legs that moved like molasses, then boasting how fast he – the Tortoise was. He was going to leave the Tortoise in the dust with his speed. The Tortoise obviously had come up against this once before, so he knew what Cockiness and vanity would prove. The Tortoise laughed and told the Hare. “that even if he were fast as the wind, he would beat the Hare. The Tortoise replied, “IMPOSSIBLE!” The race started and the Hare was off, so far ahead of the Tortoise he took a nap and by the time he woke, he saw the Tortoise crossing the finish line.,
What won the race? Cockiness, Vanity or Perseverance?

Successful people are purposeful driven. They know what they want and go after it without slowing down, being distracted, or by taking a comfortable nap. They are motivated, always taking action, moving forward, and if they come against adversities and need help. They reach out… ready and willing to learn from those whom have blazed the rocky trail, the dips, curves and pitfalls all the way up the mountain of success, ready to assist those striving to come up.

Is it possible to capture success on the first attempt? I guess it would depend on what one considers success and how far up the mountain you are willing to climb.

Keep Climbing & Moving Forward

Ja’Nala, has been on her entrepreneurial journey, toward success for nineteen years & has big plans not just for herself, also for her children, grandchildren community and possibly the world. Her passion is to see everyone have a roof over their head, a warm bed to sleep in, clean water, food in the fridge and electricity to power the necessities. To have choices in education, jobs and business development. Her visionary climb is steep and is not without detours, yet she keeps moving forward.