Summary: Does FB, give you what you really are looking for in your business? I ask this question because I have really started missing the corporate structure and introspect of the business intellect and dialogue, which for myself has escaped me in the twenty plus years that I have been engaging on FB. I have great content, which I feel should garner at least some attention. Yet, it eludes all of my efforts.


Would you like to get more positive responses and feel that “YES” what you have to say and present about your business does garner some attention and feedback; whether it be constructive or critical concerning your business presentations and offers?

I have been doing an experiment and I like, what the results have been. Building a responsive audience on “LinkedIn” takes time, thoughtfulness and engagement. I have built a large network of people who actually see me. My network will comment, share, endorse and write recommendations, after they have gotten to know me and recognize that I am not just there to market my links.

It took me some time to learn this very valuable lesson, and I am very happy that I learned quickly from my beginner mistakes.




Build a nice professional profile and list all of your dates: Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, Promotions, Travel, Interest, Hobbies. Alleviate old dates, be current and relevant.

  • 1). Build Your Network: Request people to join your network that are in the same business or show the same interest as yourself. You can do this through: People You May Know Heading, Groups, Professions, or seeing who has viewed your profile.
  • 2). Connect with the people you already know and ask them to write you a recommendation and endorse you for the skills they know you possess.
  • 3). Post daily about what is going on in your world professionally. This is not FB – Do Not Post: derogatory, inflammatory, all about you, or you have been done so wrong post. **No one wants to hear this junk** As they say “Junk in Junk out,” or in this case. “Crickets” Keep It Professional.
  • 4). Do Not bash another company; remember to know your audience and what may appeal to you growing your business and having lasting business relationships.
  • 5). Share and acknowledge others post that you connect with, write articles and make someone smile with a positive quote.
  • Last but definitely not least. Do not post your marketing link until it is requested.


*I hope this helps you. Now I may have forgotten some things, but please blame it on my head and not my heart. My life and experiences are a journey in constant progression, the mistakes in which I make always present an opportunity not to make them again. I hope others can learn from my corrections.

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