Our Team


Regi King

Wealth Acquisitions Specialist

"As a Wealth Acquisitions Specialist understanding that real wealth, real income and real knowledge is saving in Gold,Silver to hold wealth and earning passive income with Cryptocurrencies."

RegiKing.SwissGoldGlobal.com ​​regiking24k@gmail.com +1903-268-2698

Ja’Nala Mamdu

Wealth Acquisitions Specialist

"I was on the entrepreneurial pathway, when I discovered how to build my net-worth through "Paying Myself First, " and help others along the way too do the same, by acquiring and saving: Gold, Silver & Investing In Cryptocurrencies Globally."

www.janalasgoldmind.info ​jsgenwealth@hotmail.com +720-259-7134

Kennitta Lindsey

Wealth Acquisitions Specialist

"A Wealth Acquisitions Specialist. I show others how to obtain financial & time freedom by helping them raise their financial IQ. Come run with me, on the Golden Track Gold Of Success & gain Financial Freedom & Independence."

https://karatbars.com/?s=goldladyk ​musenoir13@gmail.com +123-456-7890

Dexx Sneed

Gold Acquisitions Specialist

"To create wealth and long term savings for individuals and families. To create opportunities for multiple streams of income for those seeking to start a business and work for themselves and build for themselves."

https://www.facebook.com/goldentimeofday ​Acquisitiongroup@gmail.com +1818-554-7246

Deneb Edie

Exchange Marketer

"The Gold Money Project Network. We want to build wealth, as a collective, but with a fair share and more investment securities than the market can or will offer."

​denebatthegoldmoneyproject@gmail.com +1646-6357-4870

Marcus Kewley

Business Owner/Network Marketing

My Mission, is to provide business and wealth strategies and information as well as provide business training and opportunities to the masses, regarding precious metals,cryptocurrency, and building a portfolio and money management.

http://mrmarcuskewley.swissgoldglobal.ch/enUS-1858/ ​originalmoor@gmail.com +1313-285-4576