Make Your Bed

Small Task, Reap Huge Rewards

So, what is the big deal about making your bed in the morning? I saw my mom and dad do it, then they would tell us kids to make our beds, first thing in the morning; after saying thank you to God. We were just little kids who wanted to go to school, play, then come home and play. The bed is just going to get messed up again anyway, after jumping up and down on it; then go to bed so, what is the use. Well for one thing, we learned very quickly that if we did not do what our parents said to do; we would get a spanking. That in itself was enough to do what we were told, even if it did not make any sense at the time. 

By our teen years, making our bed had become habit; the same way, as brushing our teeth, taking a bath and putting on deodorant. After graduating from high school and getting a job; making the bed became even more important to me. I liked the way it made my bed look. It made the entire room look nice and put together. I felt organized and when I would come home from work, it felt good to climb into a made up bed for a quick nap.  

In 2014, Admiral McRaven, of U.S. Special Operations gave a commencement speech at University of Texas at Austin, in which he said: “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.” 

In raising my two children, I passed on to them what was taught to me as a child. The importance of making their bed the first thing in the morning. Now when I visit them, I witness that-that little bit, of valuable advice has transcended to their children and all are high achievers. Which proves  that “Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that by taking the time to do the little things in life do matter.”

Can you see that by starting out your day just by doing a small and simple task of making your bed in the morning can have a huge effect on your entire day, up and until you lay down in a bed that has been prepared for your rest?

Now let’s take that same outlook when it comes to saving money. I will always remember when my grandmother gave me a Piggy Bank on my seventh birthday.  Every time, I would find, or be given pennies, or earn a nickel, dime or quarter I would have my mom or dad take my bank down from the mantle so that I could feed my piggy, money.

At first, I would hear it hit the porcelain bottom, but as I kept adding to it, I would hear money fall on top of the coins I had previously dropped in it. The piggy bank got heavier and heavier; once my grandfather gave me a whole dollar for my birthday. I thought I was the richest person in the world, well-being seven back in those days; you would have felt like it too. I ran to my dad and showed him and he went to the mantle and got down Piggy. When I went to put the dollar into Piggy,  I found it was too big and would not fit. My dad smiled at me and then proceeded to fold the dollar so that it went inside, and then I smiled.


I saved my money for an entire year and then one day my mom called me into her bedroom and said “we were going shopping.” Not thinking anything I said “OK.” She bent down and picked up Piggy, then she picked up a hammer and handed it to me. Oh no! “Mom you want me to break Piggy?” She said “yes, how else are you going to get the money out?” and without hesitation I hit Piggy, and saw all this money that I had saved: Dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies; it was a lot. My mom said. “This is what you are using to buy your school clothes.” I remember looking at the money and smiling,  I could hardly wait to get to the store which was “the Penny’s dept.,”store of choice. My mom counted the money and I had saved $20.83.

According to “Twenty dollars in 1960 had the same buying power as $167.70 in this year 2018. The annual inflation over this period was about 3.73%” Today,  you could maybe buy one pack of four pairs of socks. Times have certainly changed.

The Importance Of A Piggy Bank

December 22, 2013, Lays out in three bullet points. Why it is important to start children saving money in a Piggy Bank.
Teaches Children The Benefits Of Saving Money
  • Teaches children that money does not just fall from the sky.  A piggy bank gives them a visual of saving money.  Even better, involving them in small tasks around the house and (neighborhood shows them that they have to work to earn money, as well as be community minded).
  • Teaches children the importance of saving money.  Establish a savings goal and keep track of how much money is placed in their piggy bank.  Make a rule that money cannot be removed until they have reached the savings goal and can purchase the desired item.
  • Teaches children the benefits of savings.  You can compare their piggy bank to the financial institution that you use.  You can use the piggy bank to teach them how important it is to store their money in a safe place. If the child is of age, you can introduce a paper or computerized ledger to help track their finances.

“Financial Literacy” has not been part of  the junior-senior classroom curriculum of the past. Why? Because as a society we were programmed and groomed to work for someone else and to build and fulfill their dreams. We lived under the delusion of making enough money by trading time for dollars would afford us to “Live the life of Riley.” This is a new day’ we have the knowledge in all facets available to us now that we are in the digital age.

If we choose too, we do not have to go to college or even a specialized school of finance where extraordinary amounts of money have to be paid to receive the knowledge. We do not have to get into lifelong debt., to learn how to make and invest our money.

Today we can join a business that provides income earning, while learning opportunities and with most being free to register. Taking small steps and completing small task will have you desiring to do more and more and more. I have just one question for you. “Did you make your bed this morning?”

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