Marcus Kewley

My Mission, is to provide business and wealth strategies and information as well as provide business training and opportunities to the masses, regarding precious metals,cryptocurrency, and building a portfolio and money management.

Deneb Edie

“The Gold Money Project Network. We want to build wealth, as a collective, but with a fair share and more investment securities than the market can or will offer.”

Dexx Sneed

“To create wealth and long term savings for individuals and families. To create opportunities for multiple streams of income for those seeking to start a business and work for themselves and build for themselves.”

Kennitta Lindsey

“A Wealth Acquisitions Specialist. I show others how to obtain financial & time freedom by helping them raise their financial IQ. Come run with me, on the Golden Track Gold Of Success & gain Financial Freedom & Independence.”

Ja’Nala Mamdu

“I was on the entrepreneurial pathway, when I discovered how to build my net-worth through “Paying Myself First, ” and help others along the way too do the same, by acquiring and saving: Gold, Silver & Investing In Cryptocurrencies Globally.”

Regi King

“As a Wealth Acquisitions Specialist understanding that real wealth, real income and real knowledge is saving in Gold,Silver to hold wealth and earning passive income with Cryptocurrencies.”