Is This Where The United States Is Headed?

“Despite that, election officials said Mr. Maduro won 68 percent of the vote. The chaotic state of the country and the desperation of poor voters may actually have contributed to Mr. Maduro’s ability to maintain control. “

Representatives of Mr. Maduro’s party tracked those who voted by registering their “Fatherland Card” — or national benefits card — and promised aid and government subsidized food handouts if he was re-elected.”

My thoughts (Is this what Trump, has in store for the United States, with the partial shutdown of the government – affecting federal workers across the country, including our military,  fighting in foreign lands that he may win re-election?

 It bears to mind to look critically at other oppressed nations and see how the people of those countries are living, working, surviving, and the way the governments rule.  
We in the west have enjoyed unheard of freedoms and cost-effective economies only dreamed of by other countries.

Now we are seeing a drastically fast changing reality impacting our own economy and yet many of those affected (unemployed, living in coal country, poverty levels, and uneducated), support these disparities; choosing instead to believe the lies of a ruthless administration; focusing their attention on fellow citizens who have a different culture, religion or skin color than themselves.

Down through history, it has always been those with the least to put into power the most ruthless, corrupt and heartless of dictators: Hitler, Stalin, Mbuto, Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, Idi Amin, and many others.

Why Do Poor People Vote Against Their Own Best Interest?

“There are forty-six, million people at any given time living in abject poverty in the United States, and there is nothing uniform in the results of who these people are.”). It is diverse, across the board make-up of class, gender, religion, and education. Studies Show: “That when the interests of the wealthy exist in opposition to those of the poor — which is most of the time — the votes of both parties skew heavily towards the donor class. Why then would a service worker trust either major party on issues that matter to the lower classes?”

“When there exists distrust of a previous, administration’s policies and thought that “as long as we keep voting for the same politicians, who have always been in their respective positions year after year… and nothing never seems to change, is how Trumps of the world will always win the disenfranchised votes of the before mentioned class.”


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