Exercise is one of the most important activities a woman of hue can do for herself and family. Most of us do not have the luxury of leisure time, or income to hire personal trainers, or dieticians that will write out our daily low calorie, high protein diets on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, while designing a workout schedule which will benefit us physically.

This is why we must be self starters: Walking, join a gym, or a group such, as Girl,  that is focused on helping women get physically fit by walking and building a strong sisterhood of mentoring, supporting, uplifting. These ladies have a genuine care for one another; not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. You think it is too hard, wait until you see 80 yrs., plus ladies out there on walkers, and other disabilities. Nothing is stopping these ladies from increasing their time on this earth and doing it actively.

Start slow by walking and increase however many steps you take by 100 each day and you will soon see the benefits. Listen why two sisters decided to start “Girl

I was thrilled when this video below came across my FB feed. To know you can actually use your furniture, as gym equipment and get results. Though I love working out in the openness of the outdoors, breathing in fresh air, the oxygen filling up my lungs and feeling the cool grass against my bare feet, as the tree’s foliage, shades me from the hot sun, after my 4 to 5 mile walks. Now that I am building my business. “Ja’Nala’s Generational Wealth LLC., I can get my workout in without leaving the house when I am busy writing blogs, contacting prospects, or writing ad post.

My home workouts had been pretty basic and boring in content:Treadmill, stairs, sit-ups etc., and seldom did I ever break a streaming sweat, like when I am doing my walk, up and down hills, and stretches. This routine below shows to be very promising. The video show ingenuity, creativity and is inspirational and motivates me to try something new.

I absolutely love the spring and summer months in CO., this is when I come alive and invite the sun and blues skies to share in my outdoor workouts. There is nothing better than getting out before the sun is high up and the wind kissing my body with its cool breeze. The trees and grass are fully dressed in green, the birds are perched singing and the ducks and geese swim by as a little community. I can sit and meditate by my favorite pond and reflect on how grateful I am to be alive at this wonderful time of change.

Ja’Nala Mamdu, Reigns In Aurora Co., with her husband Yusef, married for 15 years, and Basia, the family pet.  Ja’Nala,has two grown children, a great grandmother of 2 and grandmother of 4; she is an avid reader of fiction, self development and financial articles, books and finds her spiritual guidance through meditation.

Ja’Nala, loves traveling, listening to smooth jazz and sounds from nature. She has made it her mission to share information with others on how to build a life of financial stability to fight inflation and protect their money by saving precious appreciating assets: Gold And Silver and buying Cryptocurrencies.